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Motivational, Inspirational
and Educational!

As a public speaker, Professor Gosselin is renown for his great enthusiasm, subtle humor and ability to illustrate his points through the use of real-life examples.

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Keith can customize presentations related to particular businesses, trade associations, or educational institutions for any of the following subjects:

  • E-Business/E-Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing (e.g. Direct Mail, Advertising, Sales Promos)
  • Specialized Marketing (e.g. 1-to-1 Marketing, CRM, Interactive)
  • Business Startup/Funding
  • Business/Marketing Plan Development
  • New Product Development

    In addition to being able to custom-tailor presentations, Keith offers two or four-hour seminars on specific subjects:

    Combining Technology and Marketing

    Both Marketing and Information Systems Managers are coming under increased pressure to better understand the use of digital technology to improve the effectiveness of their company's sales and marketing activities. This seminar seeks to bridge the gap between these two organizational functions so that they can become more adept at utilizing technology to minimize wasting valuable company resources on outdated or inappropriate "fad" technologies and to optimize the use of information gathered from the marketplace to better meet target market needs.

    Proper Business Financing

    There is no single way to finance either a startup or a well-established business. The use of debt or equity should be planned out properly to meet the goals of the organization, as well as the needs of the company's principles. Depending upon the type of financing desired, certain kinds of precautions should be taken such as the creation of a business plan, the cleaning up of personal finances and the fine-tuning of operational inefficiencies. This seminar presents criteria related to the selection of desired financing and subsequent planning needed for the different kinds available.

    Marketing Should Not Be a Luxury!

    Find out why so many small businesses do not effectively market their products. In this seminar, you will find out what marketing really is and how any company can plan & implement an effective marketing program on a “shoe-string” budget.

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