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High Quality Research Does Not
Require a High Price Tag!

Business and marketing decisions can be greatly enhanced by the use of timely, relevant information gathered from the marketplace. Utilizing secondary research (free or inexpensive published data & reports) and low-cost primary research techniques (surveys, interviews & focus groups), Professor Gosselin is able to gather accurate data at the lowest cost possible.

Professor Gosselin's in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience in designing research projects allow him to provide insightful analyses leading to innovative recommendations. Typical research projects conducted include:

Customer Satisfaction - Measuring and tracking your company’s ability to meet the needs of your customers is imperative in today’s increasingly competitive environment. Professor Gosselin will identify your current customer service activities, select effective measurement techniques, benchmark results, and design processes that help you to continuously monitor customer satisfaction levels.

Employee Satisfaction - Understanding what motivates your employees and whether or not your organization is effective in this regard is an important tool in reducing employee turnover. Through interviews, Keith will identify your employees’ critical issues, develop tools for measuring your company’s capabilities and suggest ways to enhance quality of work life.

Market Segmentation - Understanding the different needs of your market is a necessity. Keith will help you to define current markets & sub-markets, identify needs within each segment and help you exploit opportunities.

Branding - Developing and maintaining a positive image of your company or its products increases profit margins and enhances customer loyalty! After understanding current market perceptions, Professor Gosselin will walk you through the process of defining your brand image, determining how this differs from current market perceptions and developing a plan for effectively bridging the gap.

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