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Turn Your Office
Into a Classroom!

In the Marketing Mentorship Program (MMP), Professor Gosselin applies the teaching skills he has obtained instructing working adults at reputable colleges & universities to train YOU - or one your executives - on how to address your companyís specific marketing needs in the comfort of your own office.

The difference between the Marketing Mentorship Program and conventional marketing consulting is that YOU learn how to perform the activities! Furthermore, training is conducted at the clientís location and/or via email & phone, according to the needs and availability of the person being trained.

No classrooms,
no overtime and no traveling!

After conducting a FREE initial needs analysis of your most pressing sales & marketing needs, Keith will take you through a process of developing and implementing a program designed to maximize the use of your valuable marketing funds.

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Theory: A belief or principle that guides action or assists comprehension.

Many consultants say they keep up with the latest marketing theories, but few actually teach them at colleges and universities like Professor Gosselin has done since 1997.

Apply: To put to or adapt for a special use.

Theories donít always work in the real world. Thatís why it is important to note that Professor Gosselin has applied his skills in marketing in a variety of Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Government industries for over 17 years.

ROI: Return On Investment; the benefits received from the resources committed to a particular marketing activity.

Keith identifies the most appropriate marketing techniques for the client and applies them so as to meet their specific needs and deliver optimal results.