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Focus and Flexibility!

It all begins with a plan

A well-structured plan not only clarifies a company’s direction, but improves the ability to predict, and react to, changes in the environment.

It can be used as a monitoring device to track progress and issue “red flags” when deviations occur. Being a strong proponent of contingency planning, Professor Gosselin has helped clients use their plans to identify actions before problems occur; what Keith calls “business preventive maintenance”. Creating a plan can also help management better communicate their vision to employees, leading to a cohesive effort towards common goals.

But, make sure it is a GOOD plan!

Professor Gosselin has created business & marketing plans for startups, as well as mature companies in a variety of industries. He can revise an existing plan, or create one from scratch. Professor Gosselin extracts from his diverse background to help his clients develop business strategies that challenge conventional thinking to identify new opportunities.

Once completed, Keith can oversee implementation of a plan, or use it to obtain needed financing. With an MBA in Finance and vast connections in the Financial Services industry, Keith has the ability to structure and arrange appropriate financing.

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